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Clean Diesel Means Better Productivity

Whilst you cannot always control the quality of the diesel being received into your storage tank … you can control the quality being dispensed into your vehicle.

Fuelco has a comprehensive range of filtration options that can be integrated into your tank ventilation or dispensing package.

Ensuring the cleanliness of your diesel is vital to extending the life of parts, improving vehicle performance, maintaining fuel economy and increasing vehicle availability.

Diesel can become contaminated through poor storage and handling anywhere in the supply chain.

In addition to possible contamination of delivered product, water can enter a storage system via damaged gaskets, loose fittings or condensation caused by fuel temperature swings or air entering via vents.

By today’s standards, diesel engines are complex pieces of equipment that require both clean fuel and specific lubricants; with even small amounts of water in some newer diesel engines causing problems.

Contaminants and water are the enemies of engine fuels and lubricants; robbing vehicles and equipment of performance and longevity.

Modern fuel systems use electronic injectors to deliver precise amounts of fuel and control injection timing.

Electronic injectors also control the performance and fuel economy of the engine and can be expensive to replace when worn.

Contaminated fuel can cause an accelerated rate of injector wear resulting in failure and additional repair costs.

Removing contaminants and water with integrated filtration prior to pumping fluids into vehicles, machinery and equipment allows for better performance with less maintenance and downtime.

Fuelco can supply single pass filtration fitted at dispenser … or purpose built filtration systems for heavy vehicle and equipment fuel filtration.

Ask us about our recommendations for your application.