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Generator Refuelling in an Emergency

Generator Refuelling  – Fuelco understands the importance of a constant and reliable fuel supply in the power generation industry, and as a result, have developed industry specific refuelling systems.

Fuelco are experienced at designing and installing diesel generator fuel storage and supply systems with our capability extending from the supply of a single tank with integrated supply system through to bulk fuel storage for up to 1,000,000+ litres.

In order to fully protect your organisation in the event of a power failure, you should have at least these three things:

  1. reliable backup power generator
  2. well-maintained backup power generator
  3. on-site supply of clean fuel to run your generator during an outage

Having your own, on-site, fuel storage and supply system allows constant refuelling of generators; especially when being used as a backup power supply.

During extended power disruption, organisations relying on diesel backup generation may need to replenish their fuel supply at short notice. The ability to source this fuel may prove difficult in the short-term due to reasons outside the control of your business.

Many organisations have backup power, however most generator tanks hold insufficient fuel to allow operation beyond 24 hours, with a limit of several hours being quite common. Your own, on-site fuel tank alleviates this problem and gives you complete control over generator refuelling with a range of dispensing options available.

Also consider regular maintenance and servicing of not only the generator and components, but the diesel being stored onsite. Diesel fuel is an organic substance that naturally begins to degrade over time. The quality and cleanliness of the fuel is directly correlated with the reliability of the diesel generator.

Our capability also includes engineering, design and project management services for large, complex projects.

Fuelco can supply a range of products and services suited to the power generation industry for permanent, temporary or backup generation including:

  • Self bunded tanks
  • Custom built tanks
  • Bulk fuel facilities
  • Gravity feed supply
  • Fuel recirculating systems
  • Integrated filtration
  • Project design
  • Manufacture & installation

Some key questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your on-site fuel capacity and plan to utilise that fuel during an emergency?
  • Do you need more local on-site storage or a larger fuel tank?
  • Will you need electrical system rationing to conserve fuel during a crisis (shutting down non-essential systems, limiting high wattage device usage, etc.)?
  • How close is your current fuel provider to your location?
  • What is your fuel providers plan for severe outage coverage (major storms, blackout, etc.)?

Ask us about our recommendations for refuelling your portable, temporary or emergency generator.