New Transportable Tank Released

LOGITANK, partnered with Fuelco, have been working on a unique new design for a self bunded, transportable tank, that can be transported full of liquid. This product was recently released at the Brisbane Truck Show.

What makes this tank unique is it will have approvals to be transported full of product via sea, rail and road.

This means the tank can be transported to site full of fuel; moved around site as fuel needs change without the need to empty the tank … then transported back to base, with again; not needing to remove remaining fuel from the tank.

A major benefit is the same equipment used to transport your container style generators and other industrial equipment can also be used to transport your fuel; without the need for additional logistical equipment or fuel trucks to site.

Or another option … taking advantage of existing rail infrastructure used to transport product out can be used to transport fuel in to your site.

This tank can also alleviate the need for fuel trucks to site and management of the safety risks associated with unloading fuel.

The applications for this tank truly are endless and will benefit a range of industries including portable energy, oil & gas, construction and hire & rental.