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Save Money & Time with our on-site fuel storage solutions

Benefits of On-site Fuel Storage Facility vs Fuel Card – Benefits 

Onsite Fuel Storage

  • 1.Saves Money
    Having on-site fuel storage can save you money – especially when it’s teamed with an effective fuel management system
    Fuel card companies will usually charge a management fee even if seems small initially but rises with use
  • 2. Saves Time
    Save travelling time to off-site locations in order to fill up, and refuelling detours should largely be avoided
  • 3. Realtime Monitoring & Reporting
    Examine the performance of your fleet’s vehicles and drivers
    Understand your cost per mileage figures
    Discover which vehicles are performing on, above and below the expected MPG target
    Access the means to monitor and make improvements
    Predict future expenses more easily, giving you a better handle on your finances

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